Customers First
It is our ultimate goal to fully satisfy our customers' needs and to gain their full trust in us.

Total Participation
Every member of the Company actively participates in finding out problems and figuring out improvements so that the problems can be solved quickly, perfectly, economically, and practically.

The Six Fundamental Powers
All management and colleagues of the Company participate in practicing the six fundamental powers: excellent product performance, reliable quality, punctual delivery, rapid and satisfactory services, close relationships with customers, income exceeding expenditure.

Our engineers cooperate with salespeople in understanding the market trend and customers' need and developing satisfactory products quickly, perfectly, and accurately. We thoroughly implement ISO-9000 standards to fulfill the concepts of standardization, uniformity, and simplification. With the uniformed part number system and well-developed purchasing standards; up-to-date globalized design, purchasing, production, sales, and service; the development of the raw materials and components with desirable quality, price, and quantity; the creation of competitive advantage by proper purchasing, production, and sales; we have thus secured our leading position in marketing.

With frugality, less inventory, and low debt to create profits shared with our government, society, shareholders, and colleagues, we have set an example of a loyal corporate citizen through harmonious relations with our society to win the complete satisfaction and confidence of our customers.